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Angela Paggett

Angela Paggett
“Mental Health is just as important as physical health. Every part of our being is affected when our mental wellness stops being a priority.” Angela is a passionate, caring and committed therapist who loves the art of storytelling. She is a therapist who understands that each person has their own story and sometimes they forget what it means to be the main character. Throughout her career, she has always made it a point to let her clients and the mental health community understand the importance of self-care and being present in one’s own life. She started her life as a therapist in Valdosta, Ga where she received her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. During this time, she learned how to collaborate with her clients in helping them to create a new story of who they are and who they want to be.

Over the last 3 and a half years, Angela has been engaging and working with clients from the age of 5 to 65+, in order to help her clients through her collaborative therapy approach with mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, postpartum depression, anger, ADHD, DID, stress and etc. She has a history of creating change and great rapport with her colleagues, but most importantly the clients that she is able to impact, by allowing them the space to re-imagine life in their own image and not being clouded by mental health challenges.

Angela shows a genuine love and passion not only for mental health, but also in the way that she cares for her clients in allowing them to be seen and heard in the room. Her areas of expertise include individual therapy for adolescence and adults, couples, and family therapy.