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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is different from counseling.  It consists of 60-minute sessions, that are geared towards a specific goal, typically related to personal growth and achievement.  It is ideal for an individual who knows that there is more in them but they struggle with motivation and with walking in that more.   Maybe you have a vision for your life, a business, a ministry and you need support and encouragement.

Life Coaching assist you with identifying the obstacles or hindrances that keep you from stepping into greater and provides support as you navigate these challenges and leverage the choices in your life to achieve your goals.  Through coaching one can discover their purpose and full potential and settle internal dialogue that often stifles them from attempting greater and frees them to become more intentional about fulfilling purpose.

While the focus in Life Coaching is to assist you with reaching a goal, through this process the hope is that untapped areas of potential will be opened and you will be empowered to create a vision for your life or breathe life into the vision that has been lying dormant.

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