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Alcohol and Drug Assessments


Substance abuse or addiction can cause negative effects in a person’s life, causing harm to one’s body, mind, and interpersonal relationships. At times, substance use can become substance abuse, which can lead to addiction. Using substances affects the neurological functioning of the brain. The over-use can lead to putting yourself or others in harmful or dangerous situations.

Alcohol and drug assessments are conducted by a professional counselor or social worker and can take 1-2 hours to complete. Assessments are conducted in an effort to determine the level of substance use, abuse, or dependence in order to assess the best treatment options. The assessment includes gathering biological, psychological, social, legal, and substance use history of the individual to assist in making a professional recommendation based on the level of substance use/abuse. These assessments can be used by self, attorneys, employers, family members, and courts due to legal reasons, general concern, or to assist in recovery. A drug and alcohol assessment can be beneficial in beginning the recovery process.

If you have been court-ordered to receive an alcohol and drug assessment, please review the following information. Please consider what is requirement per your case.

Whether you are court mandated, ready to break the cycle of addiction, or want to learn healthier coping skills, our substance abuse counseling may be of benefit to you as well.